Entry Class

Entry Class car in 4x4 in Schools comprises of an innovative, attractive body shell attached to the standard 4x4 in Schools Remote Control chassis.
The car body shell is the most important part of the Entry Class car, as it is what will set the team aside from the competition. It can be manufactured from any material, either man made or natural. Teams can manufacture the body shell by hand, with a 3D printer, using CNC machinery (such as the Denford MRC40), or a mixture of techniques.

Development Class

Any team entering the challenge for the first time can opt to enter the “Development” class and may choose to purchase a Land Rover 4x4 in Schools starter kit containing a remote controlled vehicle. Other remote controlled vehicle models are available but may not be suitable for the competition. The starter kit also includes a vehicle battery and battery charger. This vehicle can be entered into the challenge, however, Development Class teams must manufacture their own vehicle body and vehicle electrics (light and tilt sensor). The team must also have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the vehicle’s suspension, drive train, chassis and wheels. Teams entering the challenge can only compete in the Development Class for one year, entering the Professional Class for following years. New ‘Development’ teams may contain one previous development team member. Development teams are encouraged to think beyond their first year in the challenge as they will be quizzed by the judges during the regional finals on what they would do in the professional class.

Development Class teams (not schools) that have previously entered the competition must re-enter the challenge as a Professional team. These teams may reuse components from their previous vehicle but, as a minimum, they must alter/modify the vehicle body, vehicle chassis and all vehicle electrics themselves. This is on top of either manufacturing or purchasing and modifying other elements of the vehicle such as the drive train, suspension, steering and wheels.