The objectives of the Land Rover 4x4 in Schools Technology Challenge are to provide a challenge that...

  • Is educational but also provides participants with the opportunity to experience something that is realistic, as well as relevant to the operations withinindustry.
  • Provides an experience where students can develop and embed knowledge and skills which may be later required in further education or their chosen career.
  • Is motivating, exciting, challenging and fun for both the students and adults involved.
  • Provides young people with the opportunity to work as part of a team or independently to develop problem solving skills and techniques.
  • Enables real life engineers (STEM Ambassadors) to connect with the future of the industry by sharing their engineering knowledge, expertise, enthusiasm and commitment with students from a range of backgrounds.
  • Provides an opportunity for students to learn and develop through participation in a hands-on practical experience.
  • Enables young people to gain an understanding and awareness of what engineering involves, encouraging them to actively think about a career within STEM.
  • Integrates subject knowledge from key areas of the curriculum with the wider agenda of work-related learning, enterprise, key skills and personal development.