Are you a student taking part or wanting to take part?

The Land Rover 4x4 in Schools Technology Challenge requires students to build a radio controlled four-wheel drive (4x4) vehicle to the specifications provided by the International Rules Committee. It must successfully navigate and complete obstacles on an off-road test track, which is just as demanding as a real off-road situation. The vehicle must emulate the capabilities of a full size 4x4 vehicle. Each team will enter the vehicle into a Regional Final to compete for a place at the National Final in their country. The National Champions from each country are then invited to compete at the Land Rover 4x4 in Schools World Finals!

By competing in the Land Rover 4x4 in Schools Technology CHallenge, you could follow in the footsteps of famous designers like Ian Callum, Director of Design at Jaguar. Check out his top tips on getting yourself into a company like Jaguar:

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