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30 Nov 2017

Wombat Warriors from Australia, 2016 World Champions Q and A

We recently caught up with Lucas Stephens, Design Engineer from the Wombat Warriors, current World Champions from Pine Rivers State High School QLD  in Australia. He gave us the answers to some burning questions.

What impact did being crowned World Champions have on you?
For me personally, being crowned world champion hasn't meant that I feel like the king of the world or anything like that, but it has boosted my confidence to know that I can achieve greatly with an amazing team by my side.

Has your involvement with the 4x4 in Schools programme had an effect on your career plans?
I think that anybody who truly gets themselves involved with the Land Rover 4x4 in Schools gets influenced by it career wise. It opens up your eyes to possibilities that you didn't even know existed, for example myself; I barely knew a thing about engineering or what it entails, but when I got firsthand experience in it, I loved it!

Are you or any of your team mates considering engineering as a career? If so, what sort of sector/area of this?
For myself, yes, definitely. I love engineering and design, and engineering is one of my preferred career paths. I don't know what area of engineering yet as I'm still getting a feel for the different  types. And I'm not too sure about the other boys in the team or Lily what their career aspirations are, but based off the people they are and how 4x4 has influenced them, I am in no doubt that they will succeed in any career they choose to follow.

What skills and/or experience did you gain from 4x4 in Schools?
The question isn't what I have learnt, but what haven't I learnt? I have learnt so much, it's crazy how much 4x4 in Schools can do for you. I've learnt about the principles of design in engineering, the basic structures and mechanics of a vehicle, how to market a team well, how to present to people effectively and so much more.

What advice would you give students considering taking on the 4x4 in Schools challenge?
Honestly, just do it. If you want to try it out, find a teacher for your school that is currently involved with or would be willing to get involved with this program at your school, and get a team together. When you start to get involved with this, you will love it!

What advice would you give this year’s World Finalists?
And finally guys, just have fun. If you're having fun and you're passionate about the Land Rover 4x4 in Schools Technology Challenge, then that will show off in your judging sessions and it will be an overall enjoyable experience for both your team and everyone else there competing and/or judging.

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